Lady Schreiners Lacy Rose CGC "Lacy"

Lacy was our first show dog and our foundation bitch. She will live in our hearts forever. Sadly last year she passed away at
the age of 9 years old.
She was certified therapy dog and had also passed a test as a seizure alert dog. She enjoyed her time with the kids at 4-H
classes and events. But what she enjoyed most was her weekly visits to the nursing homes and retirement homes which she
did on a weekly basis for 3 years.

She lived the last couple of years with my mother in law who has epilasy and was a great help to her. Loving to the end.

She always took care of our family. When our house burned down she was only 8 months old and when the firemen put out
the fire and opened up the doors she went into the house to search for us to make sure we were ok. When she did not find
us she went into the room where the fire started and jumped up on the burned mattress and watched the firemen to make
sure they were ok she did not leave their sides until she was carried out of the house by the firemen and put into my arms.
We knew then that she was verry special and would always be there to protect us. We will miss her always.

We enjoyed her time with us and now enjoy the time we have with her children Checkers & Annie and grandchildren
Rose, Walker & Tyco.

Lacy we love you and you will be with us always in spirit.