RIMBA COLLIES considers collie ownership a serious responsibility. The policy of Rimba
    Collies is to insure that each person who adopts a dog is aware of that responsibility and
    willing and able to accept that responsibility. A collie might not be the best choice of pet for
    everyone. The following questionnaire has been designed to aid both you and us in
    determining if you (and your family) are adequately prepared to assume the type of
    responsible pet ownership that we are endeavoring to provide for our adoptive dogs/puppies
    and that a collie is the right choice for you.

    Name:________________________________________ Date: ________________________


    State:__________       Zip: _____________

    Phone: _____________________ Best time to call_________________________________

    Email Address: __________________________________

    Number of Children*: ____________ Ages: ______________ *include grandchildren or other
    children under the age of 18 visiting your home regularly.

    How long at current address? ______________ Own or Rent? __________ Home/Apt/Condo:
    __________ (If renting we require permission for pets from your landlord)
    Where will the dog be primarily kept? ________________

    Explain: _______________________________________

    When outside, what type of shelter will you provide?


    Do you have a fenced yard? ___________ Describe___________________ Do you have a
    kennel? ______________

    Where will the dog sleep? ____________________ How many hours a day will the dog be left
    alone? _______________

    Have your previously owned a dog? ___________

    If yes, what happened to the dog? ______________________________

    What animals do you own now? List breeds, size, sex, age, altered, etc:



    What is the name of your Veterinarian? __________________________ May we contact him/her
    for a reference? _____

    Will you take your new dog to obedience class if we recommend it? _________ What is the
    primary reason you want a collie and what sex, age, color, and variety (rough or smooth)
    would you prefer?


    How did you find out about Rimba Collies?

    Date of reservation ___________ Date of Deposit_____________

    Amount of Deposit: $__________

    Signed: __________________________________________

    Signed: ___________________________________________

    Reservations accompanied by a $100. Deposit will be honored in the
    order received. Deposits will be deducted from final purchase price but
    are non-refundable.

    Any other comments or questions? Please either mail this application to

    Kathy Watson at 3175 NE Lincoln St. Hillsboro, OR 97124 or scan and email back to

    Companions are happy, healthy, pretty puppies with minor cosmetic fault(s) not favored in
    the show ring or for breeding and will be sold on Limited registration and are required to
    be spayed or neutered. Most faults are non-detectable by the average family. $1000 and up

    Show / breeding prospects are sold with open registration and of a quality we feel will add to
    the collie breed. Being sound both mentally and physically, structurally correct and
    conforming to the Collie breed standard, well-bred to produce quality offspring. $1500
    Prices are subject to change...

    Thank you again. Your interest in our Collies is greatly appreciated!